Warehousing and Logistics

MTS flexibility in action

MTS provides the Federal government staffing support in areas such as warehousing, logistics, program management, operations and maintenance, financial analysis and related fields.

MTS provides personnel, management, materials and administrative services required to support the United States Coast Guard Base National Capital Region (Base NCR).

MTS also oversees daily operations for the largest and most functionally diverse logistics endeavor in the Department of State; the safe and proper handling of U.S. Foreign Service Officers’ household effects while they serve overseas. MTS provides warehouse management and logistics services for the 400,000 square foot government warehouse and a multi-functional logistics center where government employees can safely store their belongings.

MTS provides services including receiving, storage, safekeeping and shipping of household effects, department-owned supplies, and official vehicles.

MTS’ scope of operation also includes:

  • Management of 175,000 square feet of outside storage for storing special project freight
  • A complex understanding of logistics and the ability to conduct a major logistics operation
  • Availability to conduct emergency response, and compliance with emergency protocol
  • Ensuring the safe-keeping of 10 million pounds of Foreign Servicemember personal effects.